We Are Evergreen!


A Connectional Church

Evergreen Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This mainline denomination speaks to our theological heritage in the reformed tradition and the structure of government under which we operate.  The PC(U.S.A.) is a "grassroots" denomination, meaning it is the work of the people in local congregations that drives the work of the national denomination.  


We have two books to our Constitution, both informed by the witness of Scripture to the  nature of God.

The Book of Confessions, a book compiled of historical documents known as "confessions" made by the church throughout history.          These documents recognize the work of the Holy Spirit across place and time as the history of the world unfolds.

The Book of Order, which gives us guidance in areas such as worship, the foundations of the church, governing and discipline.  This book allows offers us structure and guidlines in keeping with the reformed tradition while also allowing the local body the freedom to make decisions pertienent to its function and daily ministry.

A Community of Believers


We welcome all who seek a closer relationship with God.  While you may come from another faith tradition or none at all, we hope to join hands with you in ministry.  As people of faith we believe that we are joined together through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore it is our responsibility and joy to live in relationship with one another as we serve, worship, and fellowship.  We share our lives with one another, encouraging families, supporting individuals, and nurturing each person's growth in faith.

A Church with Priorities

  1. Feed My Sheep.  Living out the teachings of Christ through our Outreach Ministries.
  2. Illuminating.  Guided by scripture, we seek God's will for our lives.
  3. Nurturing.  Teaching God's love through caring, charing, and celebrating the lives of all God's children.
  4. Sharing.  As we are fed by the hand of God, so our hands reach out to feed God's people.
  5. Sheltering.  We may be a small church, but together we can accomplish big things.
  6. Serving.    As a congregation, we strive to be a witness to God's renewing presence in the World.